It is an old saying…. “A business without a sign… is a sign of no business”

How true this is! Many people don’t realized how important a good logo is to your business.

The quality of your logo is what establishes the impression people acquire about your BRAND…& your business. A logo offers a way for the public to develop a sense of who your company is and what you are all about. Hence it’s the best way to get your BRANDING message across.

So here’s where we get really creative. Once we have designed your BRAND, the next step is to design a GREAT LOGO!

This is where we get our artists, many of whom are intellectually disabled or autistic, & they are oh… so creative.


We’ll brainstorm ideas for your logo & design it with Your BRAND in mind.

Once you’ve got that done, then the sky’s the limit, we can help you with creation of your signage, design of your packaging & so on…

Reach out to us now… We can help YOU!