IMG_0001Story Behind the Buah Keluak

I never knew how hard it was to prepare this dish!

When Mama passed on, the others got bits & pieces of her jewellery… I got her recipe book!

That’s when it all began…

Almost all my memories of my MaMa are of her in the kitchen! I recall she used to slave over the stove for hours, lovingly preparing her most scrumptious meals for the entire family…which was no mean feat as it was a very large family… 5 children & their spouses, & 9 grandchildren! & not forgetting all the family friends that always seemed to be dining at our place!

The funny thing is… I never used to eat the buah keluak of her famous dish… I only used to eat the chicken as I was terrified of “that black stuff”. It was only when I was almost 30 that one day I decided to taste the buah keluak itself… & from that moment on … I was hooked! Every chance I got I would request my MaMa for this dish.

I would watch her work on the buah keluak for hours, but it never really struck me until I actually started cooking this dish myself… there’s over 30 steps! I kid you not!! From the meticulous scrubbing of the buah keluak seeds to clean them, to the vicious pounding of all the other rempah items in the pestle & mortar, it is a labour of love indeed.

Every time I cook this dish now I can feel the warmth of my MaMa’s touch.

Thank you, MaMa.