SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre (EDC)  provides pre-vocational training, sheltered employment as well as training in social skills for persons with moderate to severe intellectual disability, aged 18 years and above, to prepare them for supported and open employment and integration into mainstream society.

MINDS Craft, a Social Enterprise Programme run by MINDS, provides lots of  opportunities for individuals to showcase their hidden talents and further develop their artistic abilities.

As Art serves as a form of therapy to build up self-confidence and fine motor-skills, the trainees at MINDS Craft benefit a lot from this program and have excelled in their artistic skills. Most of the paintings at MINDS Craft, are handpainted by these individuals and they feel very motivated when their art work is purchased.


Aldie Bin Mohd Sujak

Aldie Mohd Bin Sujak, 39, is an extremely talented artist and his artistic abilities are being further developed through the dedicated programs run by MINDS. Currently, he is part of MINDS Craft, and has produced a lot of paintings as his strength is in this area. Aldie was born with mild intellectual disability with hearing and speech impairment. Nevertheless he is admired by many for his artistic talent in painting. He is creative and also possesses the necessary cognitive skills and visualization skills to bring out the best in his paintings and he usually expresses his moods in his paintings. He does very good modern abstract art and also uses pointillistic (dot-painting method) painting techniques to further enhance his art pieces. Aldie continues to amaze the people around him with his wondrous creations. His art pieces have been recognized and appreciated by many walk-in visitors/customers, corporate and government clients.

Siti Farhana Bte Bohan

Siti Farhana, 28, person with Down Syndrome, has been part of MINDS Craft at SIA–MINDS Employment Development Centre for the past 8 years. She is a very responsible and versatile worker with exemplary skills in artwork. She is an extremely creative and talented artist who is very focused at work and she dedicates herself to producing art pieces of exceptional quality. She has good motor skills and is currently involved in glass painting, pointillistic art work, flower making, sewing and painting on canvases. Her enthusiasm towards greater learning and her ability in fine motor skills give her the boost to create more intricate art pieces. Her artistic abilities are being further developed through the dedicated programs run by MINDS as she has a lot of potential to grow.

Food Producers

Food Producers


Incorporated in January 2008, we are a social enterprise that trains young people with special needs how to use various cooking methods and techniques to produce high quality modern European/western soups, sauces, main courses and desserts, with that hand-made, artisan taste and feel. These products feature as set menus in our private dinners at our restaurant premises and sold as ready-to-serve takeaways. The specific training we provide is with the intention to eventually employ them into our private dining restaurant and food production kitchen or channel them to like-minded companies in the F&B industry. We adopt a supported employment model. We train moderate functioning young people with special needs and guide them to attain their basic food hygiene certification through our one-on-one approach to training and coaching. We constantly have persons with special needs under our employment and trainees under-going different stages of training and internships.

Soul Food once partnered with Delta Senior School for their Work Exposure Programs and through that 25-month collaboration, two of our employees with special needs attained their WDA basic certificate in culinary arts..

As a part of the SG Enable integrated community, at our premises in Redhill, we will have the capacity to train up to 18 young people with special needs in kitchen and restaurant operations at a time.

Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd is solely owned by Gerald Png who designs the menus, organises and trains the staff team with the help of a kitchen supervisor and oversees the dining service. Soul Food is a registered member of the Social Enterprise Association of Singapore. For more details, visit Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd