Cirrus Culinnaire was dreamed of to be an instrument to train and employ individuals who are marginalized, the intellectually disabled, autistic as well as disadvantaged youth. We want to give these individuals a sense of self-esteem and self-worth. This comes with the independence that having employment which suits their skill sets brings.

We know that these individuals tend to be well taken care of while they are in schools, but once they are at the age when they are to join the working world, they struggle to find a fit. When they fail to integrate, they drop out … only to return to the security of home and depend on their parents again.

The problem to society comes 15-20 years later, after their parents are gone and there is no one left to look after them. Then they will have to be looked after by the state … by which time, we would have lost 20 productive years with them.

Cirrus Culinnaire was formed in order to help them NOW.

At Cirrus Culinnaire, we create Great Food Brands. Cirrus clouds are wispy high clouds that form 20,000 feet in the air. Cirrus Culinnaire is about food that uplifts you to the clouds and is also about making dreams come true for the people we help.

We take great food products and create great brands for them, then help strategize to market them.

Cirrus Cullinaire is a social enterprise that engages the talents of the marginalised and disadvantaged, to design logos and packaging for food brands. Our staff are provided training and employment which give them a sense of independence and help build their self- esteem.

The mission is to help them now.

What is a social enterprise?
A social enterprise is a business created to further a social purpose or fill a social gap. At Cirrus Cullinaire, on top of ensuring that our business is sustainable, and self-financing, we take on the additional social requirement of employing persons with special needs. To do this, we continually break down tasks, and customise them for each individual we employ according to their special needs.

What does our logo mean?
We used the dolphin as a symbol of happiness and love, boundless as the sea. The two dolphins are inseparable and symbolize the bond that forms between each of our staff and their mentors, and between us and our clients – friends for life. Dolphins are internationally recognised for their friendliness and helpfulness, reminding us of our mission to help others, always with a kind word and a smile. The dolphins are curved into 2 Cs to stand for Cirrus Cullinaire.