02122008576Geri worked in the corporate world for 22 years, in marketing, strategic development, operations and logistics for large organizations and government-related firms. After battling for 3 years with a nagging voice in her head, she finally decided to listen to it and do something truly meaningful with her life. Whilst there are programmes for the young and older individuals with special needs, she say a big gap in the maturing disabled segment. This group of special needs persons were coming out of school and transitioning into the working world… only to find that they could not find a fit and to regress back home. All their training in the schools would be lost and the burden would fall on society to help them again in their later years.

Geri decided that she had to do something. She wanted to help these young adults be independent, and to give them a sense of fulfillment, as well as to ensure they could contribute to society in any way they could.



Geri with Alfie

She merged this altruistic mission with her love for food and marketing to create Cirrus Cullinnaire – a social enterprise that would help great food products create great brands, and at the same time, employ the talents of these special needs young adults in a job they enjoyed doing.

Cirrus Cullinnaire trains and employs young adults with special needs to design, draw and conceptualise logos, packaging and menus for food products.




Geri with MINDS

To Geri, life is a big plate of pasta with meatballs, made just right, to be enjoyed and shared with friends. In what she does daily now, she makes pasta with friends and shares a good laugh with the knowledge that she is helping someone special, one step at a time, for a better world.